Although planning for retirement has long been regarded as the responsibly of the employee, research indicates that employers who offer pre-retirement programs reap concrete benefits that far outweigh the cost.

As people near retirement they become anxious about this transitional period, which can effect the quality of their work. Educating employees about what to expect as they transition from work to retirement reduces stress and heath insurance claims, while increasing productivity.  

Furthermore, pre-retirement programs communicate to current and future employees that they are valued members of the organization and that their well-being is important, even after they exit the workforce. Such effort on the part of the employer generates high morale among employees and portrays a positive public image.

My research has revealed that when employees feel valued and appreciated by their organizations they are more inclined to share their knowledge and train their successors. They also welcome being on “call” once they retire should the organization require assistance, or expertise that their predecessors do not posses.

However, my study findings also indicated that if employees feel pushed out, made to feel old and replaceable, they will likely not even return your call!

One of the greatest gifts you can offer your pre-retirees is helping them get excited about life after work. Pre-retirement programs do just that and allow your mature workforce to make a graceful exit.

Our flagship workshop, what are you doing after work? can be customized to meet the goals of your organization and your budget. 

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