There is no stopping the 75-year-old Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin is once again blazing trails, only this time it’s not as the first female performer to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame, nor is it for the most Billboard Hot 100 hits of any female artist, for which she held the record for almost 40 years (until Nicki Minaj surpassed her).

This time the Queen of Soul is blazing a new Retirement trail. One that includes work.

At 75 Franklin is still touring, recording and planning her next act.

Franklin’s retirement plan involves returning to her beloved Detroit, where her career first began, and opening a night club which will aptly be called – ARETHA’S.

The nightclub is a place where she plans on performing from time to time and will feature Detroit’s favourite singers.

Franklin is joining the ranks of a generation reinventing retirement.

While there are a great number of people that are reinventing retirement, I find most retirees lack role models who represent what is possible in this next stage of life.

Did you know?

At 74 Mic Jagger is still on tour and sticks to a challenging cross fit training program to prepare for his concerts.

Joining these retirement renegades is, 75-year-old Paul McCartney, and ,77-year-old Ringo Starr, who are also still touring and churning out new albums.

These icons represent all that is possible in the third age.

And just as they prepare to go on tour, you also need to prepare for this next stage of life if you want options.

Seek out role models who are challenging the status quo and reinventing retirement.

They will inspire you to think differently about your future and they may even challenge what you think about working in retirement.

Be sure to read,  you should consider a working retirement.

Seek and you shall find my friends. Retirement renegades are everywhere, you just have to expand your focus.

To your retirement success!

Dr. Gill